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The Road to CrazyStrength is home to our world famous strength training community, our Building Foundations beginner training program and the most flexible, easy to use mobile tracking app on the planet. Our mission at CrazyStrength is to create the best tools for lifters to connect with each other, track their progress using the latest technology and allow regular guys to learn from the very best lifters on the planet.

The principles behind our Building Foundations program has been successfully used by thousands of guys around the world to build strength and muscle. We’ve added our own twist to this principle, based on training with hundreds of lifters over the past few years. Every guy who’s used our program has got strong fast!

Our community is home to hundreds of avid strength enthusiasts, from all backgrounds and strength levels. Each member has their own training log to track their own progress and follow fellow lifters and elite athletes. You can see where you rank amongst our best lifters with our leaderboard, medals, competitions and seminars.

The mobile app allows you to track your workouts on the go. Whilst in the gym, you can store your session information, such as exercises, sets, reps and notes. When you have Wi-Fi, you can sync your workouts to your training log.

"As a strength enthusiast, I have come to appreciate the value of the CrazyStrength community. It is important for a lifter to join others who are supportive of one's efforts and can provide guidance. Even in sunny San Diego, there are very few who can relate to me on this level...I can communicate with like-minded lifters from all over the world and I have made many long term friends here...My squat and deadlift have never been stronger than they are now..." - Jay Balangue

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