CrazyStrength | Intelligent Workout & Nutrition Monitoring

The detailed training analyis you need

Built for athletes and enthusiasts alike, this is advanced tracking analysis in your pocket. An app that syncs your training sessions to your training log within seconds, sends useful notifications and is actually really easy to use.

I'm building the best training analysis tools on the planet and I want you to be part of this.

Join our community today and start your extensive training analysis, completely free of charge.

Download the app today and start your extensive training analysis.

What is CrazyStrength?

My goal with CrazyStrength is to help provide athletes (or Enthusiasts) & coaches incredibly detailed analytics to aid programming, assist nutritional planning and monitor progress from a single application, available across multiple platforms.

I'm able to offer you two different products, one for individuals to monitor their own progress by keep an online workout and nutritional journal and a second for coaches, to manage all their clients details in one central place.

And best of all, they are all completely free of charge to athletes and clients!