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The Simple Way To Track Your Progress

Launching January 2017!

The only workout app you'll need.

Customisable Exercises

Our app doesn't limit you to a specific program, you can log any exercise you wish to.

Workout History

View your workout history at the tap of a button, you can even edit previous workouts.

Sync Workouts

Got a training log at CrazyStrength? Use the app to automatically sync your workouts to it.

Community Alerts

If you're part of our community, alerts will be pushed to your phone; never miss a post.

Progress tracking made simple

At CrazyStrength, we belive that getting stronger should be made as simple as possible and they way we built our apps follow that same belief.

The app was primarily designed for our community to track their workouts on their mobile device and synchronise them with their online training log but you do not need to be a CrazyStrength member to track your progress - it's completely free to use.

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"As a strength enthusiast, I have come to appreciate the value of the CrazyStrength community. It is important for a lifter to join others who are supportive of one's efforts and can provide guidance. Even in sunny San Diego, there are very few who can relate to me on this level...I can communicate with like-minded lifters from all over the world and I have made many long term friends here...My squat and deadlift have never been stronger than they are now..." - Jay Balangue

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