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Built for athletes and enthusiasts alike, this is advanced tracking analysis in your pocket. An app that syncs your training sessions to your training log within seconds, sends useful notifications and is actually really easy to use.

Join our community today and start your extensive training analysis, completely free of charge.

I'm building the best training analysis tools on the planet and I want you to be part of this.

Fast-track your strength & fitness goals

There are new members arriving every day at CrazyStrength. Some look to lose stubborn belly fat, some choose to get a ripped six pack, some want to be as strong as an Ox and other just want to get a bit fitter. CrazyStrength has such a diverse toolset that it means we can cater to everyone who enters the gym.

In addition to a fantastic range of tracking tools, we're also the home of many elite level powerlifters and strongman competitors, so if you ever wanted to pitch a question to one of the world's greatest in strength sports, here's your chance.

Personal Training Log

Each member is given their own training log. Member's can follow your training log to watch your progress. You can follow members of similar strength as well as our Elite members.

Mobile Tracking App

Our mobile app allows you to log your workouts while in the gym. Sync your workouts when you've got Wi-Fi and get community alerts pushed straight to your phone.

Progress Graphs

Your graph will populate all your historical workout data. Track your progress for the five main lifts over any given period of time. Useful to ensure your training is going to plan.

Workout Calendar

View your workout consistency at a glance with a calendar showing you all your workouts. Scroll back in time to check historical workouts and see how far you've progressed.

Medals & Trophies

Earn medals based on lifting certain weights. Challenge your friends to get to the platinum medal in each lift. Win profile trophies at our CrazyStrength competitions and seminars.

Strength Leaderboard

Check out how you stack up against our community members. Can you make it into top 100 or perhaps reach the top of the tree and and earn the much coveted trophy!?

Want to track your training with us?

There are so many reasons for you to track and analyse your training through CrazyStrength, such as the detailed tracking tools, the fully responsive platform and the incredible mobile app. Oh yeah, and it's free to use!