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Built for athletes and coaches, this is advanced tracking analysis in your pocket. An app that syncs training sessions to clients training log within seconds, sends useful notifications and is actually really easy to use.

I'm building the best coaching analysis tools on the planet and I want you to be part of this.

Download the app today and start your extensive training analysis.

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Software that makes your life easier.

I've spent the past year speaking with coaches about how they manage their clients progress. Their answers - spreadsheets, text messages, Facebook messenger, What's App, Email, phone calls, notebooks. Why make it so difficult for yourself?

The 4COACHES platform makes it so much easier to keep all our clients training information and resources in one place. I'm so confident that you'll love it that I'm offering a 30 day money back guarantee, so what've you got to lose?

Let's take a detailed look at what's included in the 4COACHES package.

Beautifully crafted bespoke website

Your website is the focal point to your business, it can be used to set yourself apart from other coaches and could be the reason someone decides to work with you over another coach. In current times, people search online for everything from a plumber to a strength coach and quite simply, if you don't have an awesome website, you're missing out on huge amounts of traffic.

We're strength and fitness enthusiasts who've have coaches ourselves, so we know exactly what potential clients what to see on your website. This is what sets us apart from other web design agencies - we know what you need on your website.

Responsive Design

People use their mobiles more than their laptops nowadays, so all of our websites look just as good on a mobile or tablet!

Editable Content

We design your website for you, but you're able to make changes using our incredibly easy to use content managment system.

Unlimited Photos

We don't set storage limits for our websites so if you've got loads of photos of you and your clients, feel free to add them all to your website.

Online Payments

We make it easy for new clients to sign-up or existing clients to renew their membership directly from your website.


Optional extra: We've made writing a blog as simple as possible. Your posts will be visible to the world in seconds!

Online Shop

Optional extra: Want to sell apparel, supplements and other merchandise online? That's no problem at all!

Custom Domain

You can choose whatever domain you want, as long as it's available! We recommend a or .com domain.


With analytics, you can see how many views your website is getting amongst other detailed information.

Contact Forms

A contact form allows a potential new client to get in contact with you without needing to leave your website.

Custom branded mobile app

The mobile app is used by your clients to log their workout data and food diary entries, as well as reminding them to drink water! When your client submits an entry, you'll be notified immeditately, so you'll be able to keep track of all your clients, even the ones who hasn't logged in over 7 days! Clients will also be able to chat with you without leaving the app!

Custom Branding

Images, logos, colours and links designed to your particular style. It will look like you've built the app yourself!

Offline Tracking

We understand that not everyone has access to the internet in the gym, so data is stored on your clients phone until they've got internet access.

Sync to Training Log

Once your clients back in internet access, they can sync their data to their training log - seconds later, you'll receive a notification.

Workout History

Clients can view all their workout history directly from the app. They can view how consistently they're training.

Water Reminders

Coming soon: Sometimes we all forget to drink enough water! Every few hours, we'll remind your clients to drink some water.

Coaches Chat

Clients can chat with you directly on the app - no need What's App or Facebook messenger for work.

Instant Notifications

You'll be instantly notified when a client posts to their training log. They'll also receive an alert when you send them feedback.

Full Platform Access

In addition to all these awesome features, your clients can access the full platform from within the mobile app.

iOS & Android

The CS Coaching app is availabe on both the Apple Store and the Google Play Store so it will cater for almost all your clients.

Bespoke web platform

Your platform is what controls the whole package. It's where your clients training logs are stored, where your clients can talk to each other and read our members training logs, where your clients can view how they rank on the CrazyStrength leaderboard. It's where the magic happens.

Custom Branding

Images, logos, colours based on your website design. It will look like you've built the platform yourself!

Custom Domain

We go the extra mile to whitelabel the platform for you. Clients with access the platform via your domain.

Training Graphs

View all your client training logs in one place, allowing you to spend more time coaching your clients.

Workout Calendar

View clients historical workout data through an easy to use workout calendar, available on clients training logs.

Private Sections

Post private content and share discussions that only your clients can see and contribute to.

Medals & Trophies

Your clients will earn medals based on lifting certain weights. You can use this to set targets or to motivate your clients to reach their potential.

Strength Leaderboard

Check out how you (and your clients) stack up against our community members. Can you make it into top 100 or perhaps reach the top of the tree and and earn the much coveted trophy!?

Online Community

Your clients join the massive CrazyStrength community. Here they can socialise with lots of other likeminded individuals and take part in our seminars.

Exclusive Offers

As part of the CrazyStrength coaching program, you get access to exclusive offers from gym apparel to cinema passes and supplements to Nando's gift cards!

All the extras you could possibly need!

24 Hour Technical Support

We're available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can help with anything from adding some images to your website to wondering how often the leaderboard updates (it's every 15 minutes).

Daily Website Backups

We understand that your data is important, so we have automatically backup your website every day to an external cloud server and once a week, we do an offline backup. This severly reduces the liklihood of data loss.

Scalable Web Services

Our web platform and your website are hosted with Amazon Web Services. These servers monitor traffic, so if your website receives a sudden burst of visitors, you'll stay online - unlike with regular web hosts. We won't even charge you for this!

Email Acccounts

If you'd like to have an email address for your domain, we'll set this up for you, free of charge for up to five mailboxes.

Domain Renewal

We can purchase a domain for you or you can point your existing domain to our servers. The cost of this is included in your subscription cost.

If we've missed anything, please feel free to ask and I'm sure we'll be able to help!


The 4COACHES Package

The all in one 4COACHES Package includes:

  • Beautifully crafted bespoke website
  • Custom branded mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Uniquely designed web platform
  • 24 hour technical support
  • Daily website backups
  • Scalable web services
  • Email mailboxes
  • Domain registration

If you're ready to join us and take your coaching business to the next level by improving your effiency, embracing clever software and allowing you to spend more time with your clients, then we are the perfect solution for you.

Our pricing structure is incredibly simple. You'll pay just £59/month (less than £2 per day!) on a rolling monthly basis for all of the above, regardless of how many clients you have.