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Every single day we have new members join our community. They might want to lose that stubborn belly fat, get a ripped six pack or just to improve their general health. In the first few days after signing up, they make friends with other members with the same goals, no matter what they are. They start logging sessions, comparing notes with other members, receiving hints, tips and encouragement from other members which in turn, creates a positive mentality on the individual - they WANT to succeed! It's this positive attitude, drive and determination which allows our members to gain strength and muscle at a much faster rate than those who are training alone.

Access Member's Area

We have hundreds of passionate strength enthusiasts inside the member's area. They are dedicated to growing stronger and help you achieve your goals.

Personal Training Log

Each member is given their own training log. Member's can follow your training log to watch your progress. You can follow members of similar strength as well as our Elite members.

Mobile App

Our mobile app allows you to log your workouts while in the gym. Sync your workouts when you've got Wi-Fi and get community alerts pushed straight to your phone.

Progress Graphs

Your graph will populate all your historical workout data. Track your progress for the five main lifts over any given period of time. Useful to ensure your training is going to plan.

Workout Calendar

View your workout consistency at a glance with a calendar showing you all your workouts. Scroll back in time to check historical workouts and see how far you've progressed.

Medals & Trophies

Earn medals based on lifting certain weights. Challenge your friends to get to the platinum medal in each lift. Win profile trophies at our CrazyStrength competitions and seminars.

Strength Leaderboard

Check out how you stack up against our community members. Can you make it into top 100 or perhaps reach the top of the tree and and earn the much coveted trophy!?

Pro Training Tips

We have a bunch of strength experts at CrazyStrength. They're more than happy to help you, you just have to ask! In addition, they regularly post videos, articles and QA sessions.

Expert Seminars

Our community is awesome, there's no denying that but when you have the option to train with elite level lifters and likeminded strength enthusiasts it's a no brainer. We make that possible.

"As a strength enthusiast, I have come to appreciate the value of the CrazyStrength community. It is important for a lifter to join others who are supportive of one's efforts and can provide guidance. Even in sunny San Diego, there are very few who can relate to me on this level...I can communicate with like-minded lifters from all over the world and I have made many long term friends here...My squat and deadlift have never been stronger than they are now..." - Jay Balangue

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